The Plane

Falcon Electric Aviation 1 (FEA-1) is the first prototype built on a Cessna 150 platform. This plane is frequently used in flight education and therefore the perfect candidate for electrification. The internal combustion engine and fuel tanks are replaced by an electric motor powered by batteries whilst keeping the handling of the aircraft the same. This way the energy transition in the aviation industry is as smooth as possible.

Electric powertrains for existing planes.

The conversion of FEA-1 was made possible by our team of partners which can be seen on our plane. Kempen Airport provides us with a platform to house and work on this project. The Eindhoven University of Technology, together with the innovation space supports our team by sharing knowledge. Together with financial support of Metropool Regio Eindhoven, province of North-Brabant and Interreg, our team of enthousiastic students can perform this important work.

Cessna 150 is our first prototype. We chose to use this plane as it is one of the most frequently used planes in flight schools today. Our electric Cessna 150 is called FEA-1 and uses call sign PH-TUE. It was previously used as private plane in the United Kingdom.

Below the horizontal stabilizers and elevators, you will find the nationalities that have worked on FEA-1. We are proud to be comprised of many different nationalities and cultures, to provide worldwide access to sustainable innovation.

Falcon aims to perform the first FEA-1 tests in 2021 to verify safety and technical feasibility at Kempen Airport in Budel, The Netherlands. After this testing phase, we aim to acquire experimental certification and perform multiple test flights.

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